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My name is Mimoza Tresova and this is my mission to publish mostly authentic Albanian/Mediterranean recipes to a generation of Albanians that emigrated to America and other countries.

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White Bean Stew (Gjellë me Grosh)By Mimoza TresovaWhite bean stew is a delicious meal, easy to make and very healthy and nutritious. The recipe below is made with dry beans, stewed in red sauce made with chopped tomatoes or tomato paste and onion. White beans are legumes high in protein and have significant amount of fiber in them. In Albania white beans stew is usually served with fermented food such as pickled tomato or cucumber also rice and bread. This recipe can be a very good vegetarian meal by simply omitting the meat. Dry white beans also are called fasule or grosh, depending on the region or country.
Beets and Potatoes Vinaigrette SaladBy Mimoza TresovaVinaigrette salad is a staple dish along with Olivier salad at most Russian gatherings. Very popular also in many other Eastern European countries. Beets and potatoes salad is a combination of root vegetables with a vinegar dressing. The beets, potatoes, and carrots may be boiled or roasted in the oven. This is a healthy, nutritious and vibrant salad made with diced boiled root based vegetables and perked up by some onion and zesty pickles. The name vinaigrette comes from a mixture of diced cooked vegetables dressed with vinegar. There are so many variations of this recipe. In many Slavic countries its customary to make Olivier and vinaigrette salad for the holidays, especially for New Years dinner celebrations. This is a great vegetarian side dish, alternative to a standard potato salad with great flavor. Here is the recipe, give it a try it does not hurt they are just vegetables!
Lamb, Lentil and Quinoa SoupBy Mimoza TresovaThis soup is delicious, nutritious and colorful with a good source of protein and dietary fiber. Brown, red, yellow or black lentils can be used depending on taste. This hearty soup can easily be a vegetarian soup, just by removing the meat from it. I chose to use lamb meat in this dish just to add some flavor. I am going to be making lentil and quinoa soup all winter long, serving to my family when they come over. It can also be frozen in small portions for lunch or dinner as needed.